02 Фев 2009

Singapore’s e-Citizen

Сорри за английский. Однако такое ощущение, что по русски вся информация по программе закрыта, по крайней мере, за исключением платного тестирования EDCL, я не нашел никаких серьезных материалов по этой теме по-русски. Если не считать многочисленных рекламных статей.

Success strategy: Launched in 1999, e-Citizen has become one of Singapore’s most important and successful e-government initiatives.  E-Citizen was created by the Ministry of Finance and is managed by the Info-Communications Development Authority (IDA). The end goal is to build a leading e-Government, which delivers more convenience and benefits to all individuals who live, work and play in Singapore.

E-Citizen is an internet portal created to provide Singaporeans with a single, organized access point to all government services.  E-Citizen is organized according to “life events” rather than by Ministry or Department, covering such areas as family planning, education and recreation.  Beyond providing citizens with a central window to government services, e-Citizen has also helped facilitate improved coordination between disparate government agencies.

The eCitizen portal enables users:

  • To search for and access a diversity of information from government agencies

  • To conduct a wide range of transactions online with government agencies

The eCitizen portal has the ambition to herald a new era for the Singapore Public Service by transforming the way in which the public interacts with government agencies. Under the e-Government Action Plan, all public services that are suitable for electronic delivery or can tap on electronic channels to improve service delivery will be designated for transformation. This is in line with Singapore’s vision for service excellence among all government agencies.

For more in-depth information:
see http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/ict/cs/singapore/material/Singapore.pdf

Background materials: see the eCitizen PDF brochure

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